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Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing /

ADJ adjective new,good,high,special,big,local
ADV adverb really,already,still,early,now
CNJ conjuction and,or,but,if,while,although
DET determiner the,a,some,most,every,no
EX existential there,there's
FW foreign word dolce,ersartz,exprit,quo,maitre
MOD modal werb will,can,would,may,must,should
N noun year,home,costs,time,education
NP proper noun Alison,Africa,April,Washington
NUM number twenty-four, fourth, 1991, 14:21
PRO pronoun he,their,her,its,my,I,us
P preposition on,of,at,with,by,into,under
TO the word to to
UH interjection ah,bang,ha,whee,hmf,oops
V verb is,has,get,do,make,see,run
VD past tense said,ook,get,do,make,asked
VG present participle making,going,playing,working
VN past participle given,taken,begun,sung
WH wh determiner who,which,when,what,where,how