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Kevin Duraj - Distributed Computing

Hi, my name is Kevin Duraj, I'm working as Big Data Engineer / Solution Architect in Santa Monica, designing and implementing distributed systems, using Cassandra as distributed database, Spark for distributed processing and Xapian probabilistic libraries for searching Big Data. Primarily, I am working with data size of over 1 billions of documents and multiple terabytes, and feel free to search for your name in my search engine.

I began to study computer science at McGill University (1992) in Montreal Canada, learning MIPS/Assembly language, Pascal, C language, C++, and later Perl, Java, Python and Scala language. In 1999 I began to study at UCLA, and subsequently, I have earned Master's Degree in Computer Science from California Lutheran University (2014) in Thousand Oaks California with the focus on Distributed Computing and Machine Learning. Thank you for visiting my website and let me know if you find anything useful.

Building 1 billion documents, high performance search engine since 1998.

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Kevin T. Duraj -  January 18, 2017 (Wednesday), Los Angeles, California